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Making all the difference: your teacher

You might be in an online classroom, but you will still have a teacher who will help and correct and guide you throughout the course, exactly as you would have if you were studying English in a traditional classroom

What will your teacher be like?


professionally qualified English language teachers


trained in teaching online courses


native English speakers or equivalent


experienced in teaching students from different countries

John Joe

friendly, approachable and happy to help


able to make classes relevant to your needs


keen for you to enjoy your classes


Ensuring that you learn: our methodology

Whether you choose group classes or private classes...

The interactive course material allows you to improve your listening and reading, and improve your grammar and vocabulary, in your own time, outside the classroom, with structured, self-study material designed by experts.

You can then spend the maximum possible time online practising your speaking skills with your teacher (and classmates, if you've chosen the group option), in real time, probably even more than you would in a "normal" classroom.

Our "flipped classroom" approach maximises the time you can practise speaking when you are with your teacher.

Spend the maximum possible time online practising your speaking skills, probably even more than you would in a normal classroom

7 things you'll do on your course

Learn to read, write, listen and speak
IYou'll focus on language in context and practise all aspects of the language in a meaningful way.

Work through carefully structured content
Our courses are carefully structured to help you achieve your learning goals and successfully complete real-life tasks.

Practise natural language in a meaningful way
Units of our courses are based on topics. This means you learn language associated with each topic and have the opportunity to use what you learn in a meaningful and natural way.

Study all aspects of English
You'll find and understand a wide variety of written and spoken texts and focus on features like style and discourse, rather than just focusing on sentences in isolation.

Use language creatively
In our courses there is equal focus on vocabulary, grammar, functional language, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening and speaking, and you can use the language in a creative, personalised way. You don't just learn standard answers to standard questions.

Do exercises designed to help you learn
Feedback will guide you to understanding. Exercises help you learn, rather than just testing what you learn. You focus on meaning first and then on form. As you progress you are challenged more, using a wide variety of engaging exercise types.

Be an active learner
You'll discover how the language works and put your understanding into practice. You'll take an active role in your learning and become a more autonomous learner.

Also with your course, at no extra cost!

The online material also includes a wide range of additional tools:

Text to speech tool
Select and listen to words or text anywhere on the page (or, copy in your own text and listen to it).

Record yourself tool
Record and listen to yourself speaking English and practise your pronunciation.

Use the interactive dictionary to see the definitions of words or translate English words into different languages.

Grammar reference
A complete and easy-to-use grammar reference to help you with any area of grammar you don't understand.

Business centre
Business tips, useful language for different business situations, and templates for a variety of texts like memos, reports and job applications.

If you want to translate a word or text into your own language, just select the word or text and click on "Translate".

Pronunciation tool
Improve your pronunciation with Net Languages’ interactive phonemic chart of all the sounds in English.

Interactive English
Get even more practice with our monthly fun interactive publication. Available online or as an app.

Share your experiences and opinions with other Net Languages students from all over the world.

Audio speed control
If you find the audio exercises difficult, you can slow down the speed.

Fun and games
Get more useful practice of vocabulary, expressions and pronunciation with our flip-card games.

Additional resources
Access useful online resources and practise listening and reading with learning materials and authentic sources.


Our guarantee

We're so confident that you'll like working with our wonderful teachers and our engaging, interactive course material, that we promise to refund 70% of your course fee at the end of the first month if you decide you don't want to continue studying with us.

How many online language schools do that?