English Anyplace



Terms and conditions for English Anyplace

  1. Level test – all students are recommended to complete the online level test before enrolling on a course.
  2. Change of level – very occasionally students may be asked to try a different level for pedagogical reasons. Students can also request a change of level if they think the course programme they are following is either too difficult or too easy for them. Students should make such requests in writing to the regional administrative office.
  3. Change of timetable – all students enrolled in a group course will have classes scheduled on specific days and at specific times. If necessary, students can request to change to a different group at the same level, although any such change is subject to availability and has to be authorised by the regional administrative office.
  4. Speaking tutorials - Students enrolled for private classes can organise the speaking tutorials at times which are convenient both to the student and the tutor. Please note that our tutors have other commitments so will not always be able to provide speaking tutorials at each student’s first choice time slot.
  5. Attendance – students are requested to attend their online classes regularly and punctually. Please note that classes missed for whatever reason can’t be made up at other times.
  6. Self-study course work – students are given access to digital study material which they are expected to study in their own time. Teachers will normally ask students to complete specific activities before each class. Students who don’t complete the self-study tasks may find that they are unable to participate fully in the online class.
  7. Refunds – English Anyplace operates a policy that guarantees students a refund of 70% of course fees within the first month of the course, if they are dissatisfied with the services received. Requests for refunds of this nature must be sent in writing to the contact address of the regional administrative office. Please note that students are not eligible for refunds after the first month of the course, unless a group course is cancelled by the regional administrative office (see Cancellations, below).
  8. Drop out – students who are unable to continue the course, for whatever reason, are asked to communicate their intention to drop out, in writing, to the regional administration office (not just to the teacher).
  9. Cancellations – English Anyplace reserves the right to cancel a course if there are fewer than three participants in a group class. If students are unable to attend classes at different times, they will be entitled to a refund of any unused course fees.
  10. Holidays – classes that fall on public holidays cannot be given, or made up, at other times.
  11. Teachers – the regional administrative office, in collaboration with its partner schools, allocates a suitably qualified teacher to each group or private student and, in normal circumstances, the same teacher will work with the same students throughout the course. However, the school cannot guarantee that the same teacher will always be available. In exceptional circumstances (e.g. sickness or enforced absence) the school will provide a substitute teacher with the same level of skills and qualifications.
  12. Problems – if a student has a problem with a teacher or with any other aspect of the course, they should communicate the problem in writing to the regional administrative office.
  13. Certificates and reports – at the end of the course students can download a certificate indicating the level they have reached. Students can also request a report from their class teacher or private tutor which will summarise how they have performed in their online classes.
  14. Feedback – students are requested to provide feedback on their course to help the English Anyplace team evaluate and improve its performance.
  15. Technical issues – students are required to have suitable hardware and software in order to be able to complete the course. This includes a set of headphones with microphone and a good Internet connection. The regional administrative office may be able to provide some, limited technical support, but we cannot be held responsible for any failings with the students’ equipment.